Shinjuku Subcenter Regional Heating



Total 63,000 USRT large-tonnage chillers are operating. Parts of the system are 10,000USRT centrifugal chillers, which is one of the largest capacity centrifugal type in Japan.


Steam-driven centrifugal chiller 10,000USRT


Inverter-driven centrifugal chiller 5,000USRT

Installed Products

Centrifugal chillers (Steam-driven)
・10,000USRT x 3
・4,000USRT x 1
・2,000USRT x 1
New topping system
・7,000USRT x 1
・Stem-driven centrifugal chiller 2,870USRT x 1
・Steam-driven double effect absorption chiller 2,065USRT x 2
Inverter-driven centrifugal chiller
・5,000USRT x 4