Waste Heat Driven

Absorption heat pump Type2

TYPE 2: Heat Transformer

(TYPE 2: HEAT Transformer)

TYPE 2: Heat Transformer

(TYPE 2: HEAT Transformer)


Due to the rising demand of reducing Carbon Dioxide; the active global warming gas to prevent global warming, various technologies are advanced to reduce energy year by year for different kinds of equipment such as heat generators and boilers, etc. However, independent equipment has its limitation, therefore to achieve CO2 reduction goal, it is essential to utilize all waste heat energy from all production facilities in factories and plants as a system.

To achieve this target, Hitachi enhances new features to its Absorption Heat-pump, enables the unit to deliver required high temperature hot water with the system that exploits well the waste heat (exhaust gas, drained water) generated from other production facilities. The system completes the favorable cycle and accomplishes the good reliability and high efficiency of factories and plants.


Absorption Heat-pump is a system to transfer heat from waste heat source to increase temperature of supplied hot water, helping in energy saving. In general process where low temperature source is used to produce chilled water, the system is called chiller system. On the other hand, in process that heat is used to generate higher temperature hot water, it is called heat-pump system. Among these heat-pump systems, when compare heat reclaimed by using absorption heat-pump and by using boiler, the additional heat (energy) required by absorption system is far less. Moreover, the absorption system can provide much high temperature hot water when compare with compressor type heat-pump system.

Outline of heat pump cycle

Using low temperature waste heat as energy source, the system can produce usable higher temperature hot water.
These high temperature hot water can be used for adding heat to process or flushing process.


Principle of absorption heat pump cycle


Heat transformer type Heat pump

This heat pump can fetch hot water of a temperature higher than the waste heat hot water temperature of the operating heat source.
Since this heat pump can effectively utilize waste hot water, which cannot be used before, it can achieve significant energy savings.


Example of absorption-type heat pump system

Example of Absorption Heat-pump Heat transformer type (for flushing process–Humidification application)
Recovery heat of 90ºC hot water from Co-Generation system to generate and provide 140ºC high temperature hot water (or 0.2 MPa steam) for production process


Machine type
Heat Transformer Type Heat pump
Heating capacity : 300kW
COP: 0.45

Estimate conditions
Steam unit price: 3.5/kg (Boiler steam)
Operation hours per annum: 8,000hours

Energy-saving effects
Annual operating cost: Reduced by approx. 14 million yen

Examples of installation

Hitachi heat pump systems are installed across industries.



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