Absorption Chiller

Double-effect steam

EX series [120 to 2,000USRT]

High-Efficiency Double-Effect Steam Absorption Chiller(EX series)
422〜7,032kW (120〜2,000USRT) [Steam-fired]

EX series [120 to 2,000USRT]

High-Efficiency Double-Effect Steam Absorption Chiller(EX series)
422〜7,032kW (120〜2,000USRT) [Steam-fired]

15% reduction in operating costs per annum thanks to greater energy efficiency [a further reduction of 20% over the models that have been used for 15 years]

The successful achievement of a steam consumption rate of 3.5 kg/h・RT. Constitutes the highest level of energy efficiency in the industry,*1 and allows to excel in reducing operating costs in applications such as production processes and clean rooms where they operate for long period of time. *1 In the case of a double-effect unit Operating costs saved by 9 million (JPY) per annum (compared with conventional model V series / 500RT); energy efficiency improved by 20% and operating costs saved by 12 million (JPY) per annum by replacing the chiller that have been used for 15 years


High efficiency achieved by innovation and advanced technology

This double-effect steam absorption chiller uses a 2-stage evaporation and absorption cycle and plate heat exchanger. As a result, it reduces heat loss and achieves high efficiency easily while assuring high reliability and long life with a low concentration cycle.


*3 Intermediate temperature indicated in the image is for reference only.


Conserving energy by suppressing water conveying power.

Capable of Cooling water variable-flow system (option)

Conserving energy by suppressing the electricity consumed at cooling water pump. By monitoring the internal cycle (temperature, pressure, and concentration of the high-temperature generator), and while keeping a stable operating condition of the absorption chiller-heater, the appropriate variable-flow signals are output to the pump inverter to optimize the cooling water flow rate.

Chiller operation and maintenance control is supported while assuring the reliability and durability to a high level, and improving the operability and maintainability. 4,000 hours of annual operation is supported as a standard

Using the standard frame, a total of 4,000 hours of cooling operations per annum are supported.
By improving both reliability and durability, for example, by employing the 2-step cycle, it is ideal also for those users who intend to run the chiller for long periods.

Operation management is supported by highly functional microcomputer control panel and offering a remote monitoring service (option)

Preventive maintenance: Chilled water super-cooling prevention control, excessive solution concentration prevention control and refrigerant super-cooling prevention control
Trouble prediction: Cooling water temperature trouble, abnormal purge frequency trouble, cooling water tube contamination
Users can receive our remote monitoring service by signing an agreement (option) with our affiliated service company, Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.

High operability and maintainability

Trouble status and operating status can easily be grasped by LED and LCD screen indication.
Remote start/stop, operating status signals, chilled water outlet remote setting (option) and others supporting the users Central monitoring systems.
Airtight management is the most concern of the daily maintenance. Hitachi’s proprietary “Water ejector type full automatic purge system” frees you from the manual purge pump operation.

Model Variation



The operating profile of the chillers used for air conditioning over the course of the year is such that they are not usually operated for long periods of time under conditions close to 100% loads. They are normally operated under partial load conditions.

Therefore, improving the energy consumption efficiency of the chillers in line with the fluctuations in the cooling load throughout the year leads to reductions in the amounts of energy consumed annually.

High partial load efficiency absorption chillers feature significantly improved efficiency when operated under partial load conditions compared with standard models, contributing to reduction of the amounts of energy consumed annually.


*1 The values given as the steam consumption rate for both the EX and EXP are applied with a saturated steam pressure of 780 kPa(G) under Chilled water large temperature differential catalogue specification. Cooling water inlet temperature under 50% load is according to JIS conditions.





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